Honor yourself always! We agree to honor our existence. We understand that our being alive and conscious is reason enough to value our bodies. We are working to better understand ourselves, to be true to ourselves. We are striping the image that we once identified with and are accepting who we naturally and honestly are. We honor our awareness of health. We honor our connection to love. We understand that we are love. We honor love. 

We pledge to be honest, respectful and accepting of ourselves. If we have a bad day, week, month or even year, we pledge to try again. We pledge to never stop trying to learn to value our existence, to love our bodies, to share our minds. 

We are joining The Honor System to share our journey with our sisters and our brothers. To connect, regardless of time and distance, with our sisters and brothers who need our positive motivation, our love, our stories. We pledge to honor our sisters and brothers through honoring ourselves.

Please sign this pledge below by leaving a comment. Share your honor.
11/13/2011 05:17:52 am

I pledge to share my love. To honor myself and you.

Healthy Living for Dummies
11/14/2011 08:46:28 am

Best of luck. By the way, one of your navigation buttons is misspelled. Should read "Our Pledge" instead of "Our Plegde"

11/15/2011 10:20:48 pm

this is an amazing site with genuine intention to share your love, and encourage a healthy lifestyle. Giant Blessings to you n your family!!!

Jina Williams
11/21/2011 06:42:51 pm

I utilized the shopping list and the recipes. The meals were very delicious and flavorful. When I decided to begin my Vegetarian journey I was worried about being able to cook meals that are flavorful and filling. I found that each recipe was robust and mouth watering. I can't wait to find some recipes to share with everyone (of course I will try them first). This website is helpful and great job!!

12/1/2011 12:13:36 am

I love myself and honor myself!

12/1/2011 12:15:16 am

True inspiration is within. I am inspired and honored

1/18/2013 01:24:12 pm

Sure me and my clan are definitely on board. I love fried chicken I will totally admit...lol but for 90dayz...it shouldn't be tooo, hard for me.. I hope :)
Congratulation Family...Much Love & Success with this journey... <3


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